Golden Feelings is the nom de guerre of musician, DJ, graphic designer, and writer Dustin Krcatovich (pronounced Krr-SAH-toe-vitch).

First and foremost, Dustin is a graphic designer, printer, and illustrator. His work has found a home on countless albums, t-shirts, gig fliers, pinback buttons, coffee mugs, tote bags, and websites. His illustration/cartoon work has graced the pages (physical and/or digital) of Esquire, Tiny Mix Tapes, The Portland Mercury, The Funny Times, and The Ann Arbor Paper.

Dustin has used Golden Feelings — or some variation thereof, including 'Golden Feelings DJ Services' and 'Mr. Golden Feelings Himself' — as a DJ alias since 2014. Before that, he had used the moniker (borrowed from the title of a pre-fame cassette release by Beck*) for an experimental film night in Ann Arbor in 2012-13.

As a DJ, Dustin has been a regular feature at bars, clubs, hotels, art galleries, weddings, anniversary parties, and company events across at least seven different states. He has even shared the decks with members of such great bands as Tyvek, Failed Flowers, Mattress, and Saturday Looks Good To Me!

In 2020, in a fit of pandemic-inspired "simplification", Dustin began also using Golden Feelings as an umbrella name for more of his freelance work, including the performance and recording of psychedelic music and sound design (which he had previously done under the name Skin Lies). All of these performances and recordings are tuned to 432 hz, a very subtle shift from the western standard of 440 hz which is nonetheless said to promote mental health and alignment of the chakras. While that musical project carries on, the idea of also using the name for other projects has fallen to the wayside.

Dustin is also a writer — albeit a semi-retired one, due to the unfavorable economic climate — primarily focused on music and film, with occasional forays into marketing and SEO copywriting (we all gotta eat!). He has been a regular contributor to the Quietus, Esquire, Under The Radar, FLOOD, DownBeat, Riot Fest, and Tiny Mix Tapes, with occasional features for AllMusic, Maggot Brain, Kerrang!, Vinyl Me Please, The Willamette Week, and a host of others. Reportedly, a piece of his writing once deeply offended a member of the Squirrel Nut Zippers. Here's a highlight reel.

Dustin's other interests include (but are not limited to) 45 rpm records, Cosmic Americana, record-setting balls of twine, 1990s pop scandals and TV movies based on same, 1960s-70s Marvel Comics, 1950s-70s jazz, underground newspapers, oldies radio, mysterious unlabeled/self-released cassettes, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, historical arcana about the states of Michigan and Oregon, and the music of the Grateful Dead. He lives in a creaky 127 year old house in Ypsilanti with his partner Micah Vanderhoof and their cat Steve R. Bini.

*Prospective SEO clients: please disregard the poor decision-making that led me to try to compete with an international rock icon when choosing a band/DJ name.